The La Plana de l'Arc Sustainable Product Club is born

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La Plana de L'Arc is a tourist destination that brings together seven municipalities and maps the oldest Roman road, the Via Augusta, in a privileged natural enclave, between the mountains and the sea, which houses two natural parks full of contrasts.

Close your eyes and imagine all that beauty that gives us the color palette of a vibrant Mediterranean to feel the emotions of slow tourism.

In this scenario, the imprint of the civilizations that also, in their journey, fell in love with this place and turned it into their home is still alive. Let yourself be surrounded by the historical charm of a territory that connects ancestral cultures through stories and legends hidden in the stones of one of the most important Iberian villages in the lands of Castellón; in the steps of the Via Augusta framed by the perfect balance of an emblematic and mysterious Roman arch; or in the Muslim watchtowers that contemplated the arrival of the Cid to these lands.

History and rural paradise that make the Plana de l'Arc one of the most attractive destinations for sustainable tourism in Castellón.

As a result of this commitment of destiny to the sustainability and socio-economic development of our territory, the Sustainable Product Club of La Plana de l'Arc is now born, of which we are part.


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