A step back... to gain momentum

A step back... to gain momentum

Our society, even more so since we live it from virtual social networks, is a showcase where the virtues, the strengths and the beautiful side of things are almost always displayed, where there is usually no room for reflection , for doubts or for weaknesses. We have never been, in that field, neither an example nor a reference, nor will we be now. We live unconsciously forced to never stop pedaling, to never slow down so as not to be ahead, to always show a smiling profile, no matter how much the other (profile) is crying or doesn't know what face to make. Responsibilities all, obligations: the precise ones, but out of inertia we don't want any that take us to places we didn't want to go. This summer we slow down, we stop, partly only, to be able to project ourselves into the future, to be able to decide that we want to be adults, to continue doing, to the extent of our possibilities, only those things that we feel like to do. We will also slow down for the health of our workers and our families, because if it is now when they need us, we do not want to wait to regret it when it is too late.

We are good at doing what we like, with the passion we put into it and the enthusiasm that pushes us when we have a clear goal, we have no fear of losing our position or having to start again, even after the summer or after crossing the desert that may touch us: if that Moisés was able to part the Red Sea with the army of hungry people he was carrying behind him, how are we not going to overcome the tsunami that belongs to us, however pestilently blue-green it is, with our people, our reasons and our desires?

We want land, to return alone, to redo the knots that tell us who we are and to be able to look each other in the face. Now, this can tie in with the rhythm that our guests ask of us, the people who come to spend a few days in our house, to get to know our land, our history and our palate. Also with celebrations and events that we already have scheduled and others that will be taking place, with the cooking workshops that we will continue to do and with the trips that we will make to other kitchens and other houses, in short, with everything that does not require too many people or too many speed

Good, clean and fair, this time for us too. We'll be telling you, for sure, for now: thank you for your understanding and for your patience, we assure you that it will be worth it. Bye now!

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