WORKSHOP CYCLE: Sustainability at the table – Cheeses, July 22

At Pou de Beca, this summer we are starting a cycle of workshops to work on the values ​​of sustainability in the kitchen. For us, the task of spreading our way of making gastronomy is very important and if it is done by trusted friends and suppliers, then so much the better!

We will start with Maite and Angel from the Quesería Los Corrales de Almedíjar. In his own words:

The Los Corrales artisan dairy was born in 1990 in Almedíjar, in the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park.

We make our cheeses with our own recipes, original recipes developed by ourselves that seek to express the reality of the landscape and the land that surrounds us. Therefore we can say that we make "AUTHOR CHEESE".

Below is the program for the day:

10:00 Welcome

10:30 Workshop with theory and practice in dairy production, types of fermentation and rennet (native vs standardized)

13:30 Cheese tasting The Corrals

14:30 Dinar


We will wait for you!


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