Inés, Eulogi, the Marina, the Pou de Beca...

Inés, Eulogi, the Marina, the Pou de Beca...

"Monsalvage", Inés told us that this was the surname she took to differentiate herself from all the other Inés Cardonas in her family and in her region, the name suits her well enough, she is no longer a little girl ( and maybe that's why) he doesn't know about composure, conventions or appearances. Nature is beautiful and it is largely because and and enough, no it is for no one, it doesn't want to appear, it doesn't need to be liked, it exists, beyond us looking at it, beyond those who look at it, beyond the filters we put on the focal points, I would like that to be the great teaching of these days, the firmness in the search for the return to the wild.

Eulogy Peiró was the vehicle that took her to the Pou de Beca, the facilitator and also the path. He permeates everything with truth and that naive and always virgin curiosity that helps him continue to surprise himself every day, in every dish he tastes and in every dish he makes, in every letter he reads and in every one he writes.

La Marina, has become for us, in recent years, an overwhelming find, both for its orography and landscapes and for the idiosyncrasy of the aborigines, we have not yet met anyone "normal" and that in these gray and flat times is a guarantee of adventure and emotion. Thank you for being, for speaking, and for guarding the flame so carefully!

In the last few days with Inés and Eulogi, we went to the fish stalls, we bought and did laundry with the fish farmers, we discovered the names of each fish here and there, how it is cooked and why, in which pans and with which wines and by turns to the techniques that we have given, by reflections on the paths to and from the recipes that we have made, all the paths, all of them! they took us, they take us, to the same place: to women, to our mothers, to our grandmothers and aunts, to the guardians of the home, of the community and of food, how much knowledge and what lack of recognition .

We will continue to research, learn and share because this is our essence, our reason for being, we will continue to open our arms and hearts to all the people who want to show us what it's like and want to see what we are like, in the world of fish , that of the bench or that of the memory. Thank you for BEING, thank you for that.


Below is a small photo collection:

Cooking in Borriol
Castelló central market

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