Tasting of Pobill Ecological oils and dinner with harmonized preparations

Last Friday, February 2, we enjoyed a very enriching and satisfying experience (beyond the technical imperfections in the execution of the dishes) for us and for those who shared the taste. Surely it was also enriching for our land, for our fields, who knows if someone will get excited... We are strengthening the ties that unite producers with the technicians who, by the way, how good she helped us: how our perceptions when someone takes us by the hand and guides us through the nuances and peculiarities of each variety! And with ourselves, the producers and co-producers, as we like to call ourselves, and finally, with the final consumers, the real goal of our work.

Oils Pobill, made from knowledge in the field and in the mill and also from the heart, from that place from where to know how to do things to stay as a company and also from where the strength is held when the Economy is not enough, from that root where we suck when it doesn't rain and it's time to row with what we carry inside. Surviving as a company is important, of course, but it is also important to be able to look our fields, our olive groves and our old men in the face, that so much stone was removed so that we now have terraces, olive groves or lots to drink from, I hope they continue to thrive many more projects like this and make us enjoy as they do. Farga, Morruda, Nana (or Canetera) and Arbequina, how good and what a taste!

Tasting of "Pobill" OOVE and dinner with preparations harmonized with oils from the different varieties of olives.


Breads and cakes: Thank you Bea, what a treat and really!


Homemade bread with organic white flour from "La Era", Florencia Aurora variety, with Arbequina oil

Spelled wholemeal bread and olives from the Parral oven, (What a pity that we have run out of the reference oven for organic flours), with Nana oil (Canetera)

Homemade gluten-free bread with buckwheat, rice and chickpea flours. Oil of Farga

"Pan bread", organic, semi-wholemeal flours flavored with pine. Morruda oil.

We will pair these breads with white "barrel" wine from Clos d´Esgarracordes (how good!!)



Grilled vegetables (Artichokes, broccoli and surprise onion clafolls) with romesco sauce made in Arbequina oil.

Confit bean hummus (from Viver) with sage, marcona almond cream and galera (overcooked) for gentlemen. Bitten olive oil.

For these starters we will taste the rosé wine from Vinyet (Sant Jordi) 



Carob crepe, braised ham and vegetable tartare with Nana oil.


Arbequina oil ice cream, arnadí and morruda oil biscuit.

For the main and dessert we tasted the red wine from Vinyet (Sant Jordi).

The wines of "Lo vinyet" require a separate mention: Frank, clean wines from our land, the kind of wines that when you put them in your mouth you recognize them as yours, like home and moreover, they smell clean, fresh and aging And when Adolf knows about varieties, history and geology, charming, thank you!


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